Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

rediscovered this copy of Stuart Pearson Wright's portrait of John Hurt i'd started to paint at college…he along with Lucien Freud, have to be two of my favourite portrait painters...i'm by no means the greatest painter, but i miss it nonetheless. there is a definite sense of pleasure witnessing a face emerge out of a blank sheet of paper and having time to dedicate to a piece of work.

…think i might take up life drawing again.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


here we had to make a 3D piece of type that said something about a given letter/symbol and typeface…i was given the question mark and Times New Roman and after a lot of research i focused on the origin of the question mark '?' which is believed to have morphed from the abbreviated latin 'quaestiƍ' (recorded as a 'Q' over an 'o')… then I tried to represent the typeface, one which was inspired by the founders of western society; the Romans, in the strengthening and supporting structure…

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Package 100

for this brief we worked in pairs and each group were given 100 of a particular item. we had pills and eventually produced a jacket, that satirises overconsumption and dependance on painkillers within modern society - using pockets labelled with nonsense illnesses (such as a broken heart, designer's hump & cold shoulder) that are not real and therefore cannot be cured.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hi - Multitouch Barcelona

i found this on a friend's blog, but its just too insanely cool - i couldn't help but post it on here...


photos of my home 2008 which has been in a state of mid-decoration for the last 6 years. I adjusted the exposure to exaggerate the feel of it slightly.


a few sketches from 2008 - good times.

Home Sweet Home

more photos of my student house share…elegance at its max.


this was the final photographic outcome for my 'Home' project. i felt the sofa can act as a sort of microcosm of the house itself and the owner's personality; giving clues about taste, respect and habit; the misshapen cushions, wear & tare and stains from repetitive use and other remnants of the person such as the debris found behind and between the cushions. I took these photos just after moving in and was pretty horrified by what the previous tenants had left behind; banana skins, receipts, discarded documents, cigarette filters and coins weren't the half of it…it was interesting none the less, to learn a bit more about the goings on of the previous year.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kingston Foundation Show - Final Exhibition

this was my very first 'live' brief during foundation at kingston. we had to come up with a poster for our final exhibition show in a week. initially i wanted something shocking and humourous - but honest at the same time, and with such an intense course, all i could think about was how exhausted we were all feeling by that time - i enjoyed it alot, but our tutors really do push us to the max…

as the show was the climax of our efforts i played on this idea by photographing my friends playing dead, as though they'd collapsed in the studio, from extreme overwork and exhaustion. however in my initial photographs its probably safe to say that they look a little too lifeless which might not be sending out the best message to prospective students and although i liked the context of the studio i felt they needed something a bit more…

i developed the idea further by making it more evident why there were a bunch of dead students lying about….one option was to have a magnificent piece of artwork set up to represent all the work we have achieved throughout the year….but i wanted something more subtle, and so went with the title; 'Artistic Overdose' laboriously carved out of a giant sheet of paper. White on white was perhaps not so clever and consequently it came out too subtle, but it probably could have worked with the correct lighting equipment (i could only use the light from the window due to time restraint)…

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Life Drawing

…a spot of lifedrawing from 2008 in charcoal (above) or mono-print

watch this amazing stop-motion animation titled Going West

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


for this project i decided to answer the title 'time' with reference to and expose how man's sincerity is revealed through time.

i used the 2005 Sri Lankan tsunami to highlight this; something extraordinarily horrific, yet quickly forgotten by our fickle media. this was in the form of a book in which i'd listed the amount of devastation caused and a cry for relief; then ripping the page out to leave only a trace of what was originally there.
...as you then flick through the next few pages the indentations become less legible and eventually nothing more than a distant memory.

*apologies for poor quality of photos*


i thought i'd kick things off, as i do in most situations, with a bit of chocolate :P
this is one of the first briefs set on my foundation course that required us to work in pairs with a day to complete the deadline.

the title for this project was 'Pairs'….and after some intense brain-storming (or 'thought-showers' to keep things pc) we went against the common notion that 'two heads are better than one' and pairings are beneficial, by showing a pair that wouldn't work….


guten tag!

...through the power that is procrastination, i thought i'd share with you some work and 'stuff' in general that i've come across and have been inspired by; along with a few projects i've been working on myself.

hope you enjoy. x