Saturday, 21 August 2010

Weather Project

an ever growing torment for drivers, potholes are the product of heat and pressure change. here i aimed to find an alternative use for them (other than wrecking car suspensions) and the notoriously treacherous stretch of road in my home town - Hare Lane, was the focus of my attention; and through translating each pothole into a note on a sheet of music, i have managed to create the road's own melody.

i then transcribed these notes back into tangible holes, punched in a roll of music paper that, when fed through a dutch street organ, will add another dimension to it. (however finding one to play it on is a task and a half :/)

Lookbook SS11

a few months ago i 'assisted' on a friend's lookbook, and i say that in a very loose sense of the word as my main contribution to the shoot was munching on all the nibbles in the background. but i did learn a lot from it such as setting up lighting. April's collection (including accessories) was absolutely stunning, the elegant Rosanna Dimmick - perfect for it, and the overall atmosphere was exhilarating as we watched each 'look' come together. we all agreed if every day of work was like this we'd be willing to work for free…

for more on April Eliabeth Travell and her collection click here.

Friday, 20 August 2010

hi!…sorry i haven't posted in a while (again) promise i will be more devoted in future, but i've been very busy lately. just wanted to post Theatre de la Mode's summer 2012 'Olympian' collection, which delivers a playful mixture of textures and muted tones, and i think this vision of olympian gods (below), filmed by Camilla Robinson, captures the essence of their collection very well methinks…

T d l M :: Spring / Summer 2011 :: Olympian from Theatre de la Mode on Vimeo.