Monday, 29 November 2010

tubing is 'knitted' together to form this amazing sculpture. u can view the designer's development through the project, and the eventual creation of 'fluid dress' via their website.

charlie bucket has posted another video of great interest to me (below). its just a vhs rip of a tap dancing tutorial but without the audio…i thought it was interesting how many people had commented how they'd imagined sound whilst watching it…i'm thinking of basing my self initiated project along these lines, god knows what'l come out of it though.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Self Portrait.


ALevel art.

these are ollllllllld - from my fine art days at esher college. its weird looking at them now, i miss my nutty tutors with their words of wisdom & eccentricity. ...above is a 'transition' piece where we had to copy an artist's work with our own interpretation on it (so basically plagiarism with a twist lol) i chose stuart pearson wright's portrait of a gardener nd was kind of fascinated by the unveiling of the painting process. here i used acrylic and coffee on canvas.

this is a self portrait from 2007, in coffee/tissue paper and chalk on canvas - and not forgetting the trademark esher college 'drip'- where you would just pour whatever you could find at the time, all over your canvas.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

john divola looks at the relationship between man and nature through the decay and dilapidation of this man made structure that overlooks the sea. the zuma beach series documents how through abandonment, the house fell to the forces of nature, man and bureaucracy. (above image taken from divola's 'dog chasing my car in the desert' series).

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

ajit chauhan has an interesting take on popular culture as he strips away the branding of the label & figure's identity by sanding down these discarded record sleeves. by reducing commercial products to statements of personal taste he pays homage to anonymity.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

(image originally from

i've gotta admit - i love winter and i'm just starting to feel christmassy now, but omg - spring! (certainly promises to be hot if you're an abby lee kershaw look-a-like anyway). i am an absolute sucker when it comes to crazy geometric patterns on clothes and mary katrantzou does not disappoint! ...above miraslova wears the designer's signature hyperrealist bold graphics. her spring collection embraces elaborate prints depicting interior design with an array of textured panels and chunky industrial jewellery.

(images from

…the 'sheer' maxi dress is said to be on trend next season- i could eat her sunnies aswell! damn these pretty people!

Thursday, 18 November 2010



more photos to come…

('le cite de anges' - above & 'la couture est dans le pre')

woop! - i'm sooooo pleased i'v found this again! i remember coming across patrick demarchelier's 'court metrage' shoot yeeeears ago (but stupidly never made a note of his name). the horse-riding hats are gorge!

bed now.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Student Protest.

...participated in the student fees protest this wednesday and apart from supporting the fight against excessively high education cuts and an extortionate increase of tuition fees for future generations, i used it as an opportunity to experiment with my camera (inspired by alexey titarenko's work). unfortunately - from a journalistic point-of-view, i'd left before things got rowdy, but a more daring friend of mine managed to get inside the building and got some amazing shots as a result!

here's some crazy scheiße from spastic ink! they've literally played the entire film - 'bambi' on electric guitar, including voices… genius!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


when boredom takes hold i faff around on photoshop…

miss my wabbits :(

i realize this is old news, but i love it so i'm gonna post it anyway; gareth pugh's and ruth hogben transformed the catwalk with this film showing his autumn/winter collection in paris 09. its typical of pugh's style; graphic and dramatic, and the medium allows him to be more playful with the clothes whilst portraying them the way he intends. (my favourite look at 4:22) ...i think it was said in a documentary the clothes initially came across as quite aggressive pieces, whereas the film exposes their protective side.

SHOWstudio's a great source of inspiration, and there's always something equally amazing at all of their exhibitions, such as their live, interactive fashion photography piece they had last year, where the viewer could talk to and direct the live model (or alternatively just chat them up). films include a short documentary about photographer irving penn (1917-2009) as part of their project ' the fashion body'. nick knight and phylis posnick discuss his spontaneous working method and meticulous attention to detail with overwhelming results. (portrait of truman capote below, followed by 'miss mouse' fashion photography)

nicole roberts - an inspiration for us red-heads

the potential of data presentation has only recently caught my attention (since my weather project really). i love artists that redefine art by incorporating science & experimenting with technology. artist, coder, hacker, mathematician, sound designer, dj and vj daito manabe, is a great example of this. in his performance piece 'the face visualiser' he converts sounds into electrical impulses that are then transfered via diodes to a person’s facial muscles.

his work came as part of the abandon normal devices festival (manchester 10.2010 - gutted i couldn't go), which explores new cinema and digital culture. other artists' work included the simulation of phantom limbs to vaccum-packing volunteers in a PVC cocoon! (more)

Monday, 8 November 2010

an interesting experimentation of pixel representation in martin bircher's installation 'type case'.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

seriously, no work is getting done, but instead i've managed to bump into finnish photographer susanna majuri and fell in love with her work instantly. surreal ophelia-like 'stills' from a film where the plot is open to the viewer's interpretation.

similarly jill greenberg (below) uses water, but as a metaphor for the woman's world, in her photographic series 'glass ceiling'. she explains; the group of professional athletes wear high heels throughout their formation 'to be "sexy", yet this is absurd, it hinders their movement and amplifies their lack of control. They adjust their swimsuits, shoes; gasp for air, and are pushed by the relentless force of the water'.

which concludes my theory; water = win.

Fassett Rd.

its hard writing about this extension of my 'home' project now; having lived here for over a year, you learn what belongs to whom and so the mystic from when you first moved in disappears - you start to take things for granted. my perspective has changed a lot since then - i used to OBSESS over the tiniest details; like a mark left by a coffee cup, the impression furniture leaves in the carpet, or poorly laid plaster over recently exposed brickwork…anyway, i'm waffling now…

i started looking at why we are attracted to certain places when property hunting, as i found some distinct similarities between both my home and my student house aka. they were both falling apart (compare first 'home' series with above) …yet despite my knowing Fassett was a complete shithole (and not having a clue who else was living there) i took the risk and moved in. i just got a feel for the place; and i don't mean that in a pretentious way, but it kind of felt like i was living in the middle of some decaying masterpiece - i appreciate the flaking wallpaper and scuffs along the skirting board. - i'm gay like that :).

Monday, 1 November 2010

a both surreal and visually stunning piece of film; 'the art of dress easy' is the product of collaboration between style icon adrien sauvage and the very dapper george lamb. this quirky, mock-educational film touches on the elegant, contemporary remake of savile row classics in their new collection; 'this is not a suit'.

i remembered this from last year's drawing trip to the wellcome collection. titled 'phantom museum' 2003 by the quay brothers, this short animation documents a journey through the trust's peculiar medical archives, but what interested me most was the way it was shot. (see stills below)

…it begins with an obscurant low angle shot, with nothing but the curator's white gloved hand in view as they ascend the staircase which echoes the sense of intrigue that surrounds the artefacts. the film can be viewed here.

i love the character of old, crackly, black and white films. they seem to have the ability to make everything more mysterious and unsettling. there's something quite jarring about this 1925 demonstration (also from wellcomefilm's youtube channel) of orthopaedic exercises for spinal correction...

currently taken up these exercises - there's just enough room in my bedroom to do them in. - joke, but amazing to see how medical treatment has transformed over the decades.

I heart the internet.

reading week! - woop! ...hasn't got off to the best of starts tho…missed a voluntary photography 'intro' at uni this morning which i was wanting to go to, but it was halloween last night so i'll forgive myself. it is however coming up to 4pm and i'm still in bed :/... the internet is far too addictive, but rewarding nonetheless when you find a little gem like matt irwin's blog...