Thursday, 18 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

of course, i couldn't let this month pass without paying homage to the absolute genius that was McQueen who died only recently. his death means a great loss to the fashion industry as his designs and performance pieces challenged the way people view fashion and amazed millions. thank-you for sharing your awe-inspiring mind with us.

Eating Retro...

whilst tidying round the kitchen, my housemate discovered a box of 1980s recipe cards someone had left behind. with enough colours to make even Zandra Rhodes feel queazy and placing just about anything they could find in a jelly mould; these dishes are not for the faint hearted. a few favourites include 'baked-bean supreme' and your christmas pudding alternative; the 'happiness tree cake' for all of its glory! we aim to make them all by the end of term.