Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Manifesto for sustainability
i looked at rationing as a way of sustaining resources and in response to this i condensed a notably lengthy document or 'manifesto' of kind; The Bible, so that it would fit onto a single piece of paper. crazy? - i was after copying and type-setting the entire thing... you'd need a magnifying glass to read it at A0+ size but hopefully it'l look quite nice on a paper with a very low gsm to stress its message again.


here we had to animate one of two random objects in a series of 9 frames (yeeeees i did 8 - bite me). i wanted to play with the filmic technique of creating suspense through a series of images and leading the viewer into a false sense of expectancy. thanks to my mum for letting me abuse her coffee with about half a dozen rich-teas.


hello!!! remember me?... i've kinda neglected this baby for a good while to say the least, as the pressure of deadlines this last month, filed forward to pelt me in the face for my lack of organisation this year. i'v resorted to a far more productive method of procrastination in the form of eating. (dare i step on a set of scales now? - erm no.)

anyhoo, its just occurred to me that i haven't actually uploaded any work from this year lol, so hopefully i can give you a taster of what i'v been getting up to shortly...