Monday, 1 November 2010

i remembered this from last year's drawing trip to the wellcome collection. titled 'phantom museum' 2003 by the quay brothers, this short animation documents a journey through the trust's peculiar medical archives, but what interested me most was the way it was shot. (see stills below)

…it begins with an obscurant low angle shot, with nothing but the curator's white gloved hand in view as they ascend the staircase which echoes the sense of intrigue that surrounds the artefacts. the film can be viewed here.

i love the character of old, crackly, black and white films. they seem to have the ability to make everything more mysterious and unsettling. there's something quite jarring about this 1925 demonstration (also from wellcomefilm's youtube channel) of orthopaedic exercises for spinal correction...

currently taken up these exercises - there's just enough room in my bedroom to do them in. - joke, but amazing to see how medical treatment has transformed over the decades.

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