Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fassett Rd.

its hard writing about this extension of my 'home' project now; having lived here for over a year, you learn what belongs to whom and so the mystic from when you first moved in disappears - you start to take things for granted. my perspective has changed a lot since then - i used to OBSESS over the tiniest details; like a mark left by a coffee cup, the impression furniture leaves in the carpet, or poorly laid plaster over recently exposed brickwork…anyway, i'm waffling now…

i started looking at why we are attracted to certain places when property hunting, as i found some distinct similarities between both my home and my student house aka. they were both falling apart (compare first 'home' series with above) …yet despite my knowing Fassett was a complete shithole (and not having a clue who else was living there) i took the risk and moved in. i just got a feel for the place; and i don't mean that in a pretentious way, but it kind of felt like i was living in the middle of some decaying masterpiece - i appreciate the flaking wallpaper and scuffs along the skirting board. - i'm gay like that :).

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