Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Self-initiated brief - Taboo

inspired by buffoon-ism; the purpose of this project was to expose areas of social tension by pushing taboo and marginalising a 'normal' person (i.e. myself [if you count me as normal]) through grotesque disfigurement of the face, and witness how exclusion from social systems results in clarity.

by challenging conformity, we purge society of its taboos by shifting their perspective, and helping people reassess their values by instigating change. what is the perfect human form after all? this project was a personal challenge, overcoming my desire to remain 'in the background', however, with elastic bands tied around my face to distort it; i performed typically mundane tasks such as shopping along the high-street; ordering a drink in the pub, texting from a public bench etc. the reaction i got from the public was either to ignore me, mock or make negative remarks and it was interesting
how pushing the social boundary of physicality offends us.

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