Sunday, 30 January 2011

i've been looking at revital cohen's provoking work recently, UTTERLY gutted she actually came to our uni for a lecture only a few days ago and i didn't have a clue about it! (cross-curriculum communication sucks ass - i also managed to miss the epically amazing tim walker because it was posted so last minute - grhhhh!)…anyway, rant over. cohen controversially proposes the use of animals as medical devices, rendering the human almost parasitical, but she harnesses the design in a way that is beneficial for both animal and human…they become dependant on one another to survive; her 'respiratory dog' illustrates this fascinating relationship between species.


  1. Revital Cohen is exhibiting @ Z33 (house for contemporary art in Hasselt, Belgium) in Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal

  2. ah - thankyou!…i can't make Belgium unfortunately, but the link's useful anyway :) xx