Thursday, 3 February 2011


havn't posted much of my work up for a while, so here's a couple
from the start of this term…


…one of the pieces chosen to be exhibited in kk outlet - hoxton square; this was a two week competition brief we worked on in collaboration with kingston illustrators. the project title; 'shop' lead us to focus on the compulsive buyer and the process they go through: the irrational want, the hit of buying, and the regret after. in response to this we created a 'rehabilitation machine'; a form of vending which simulates this process; garishly alluring passers-by to purchase a non-transparent capsule, which unknowingly contains their returned £1 coin and an illustrated piece of advice on how to spend more wisely providing the buyer with a 'safe hit' as many times as needed along with a second chance to spend, whilst subtly reminding them about the negatives of compulsive buying.

moving image...

...a one week brief where we were asked to produce a 30second filmed re-enactment of a historical figure/event, but give it a contemporary twist. our group of three tried to realise stalin as a primary school teacher; reading what initially appears to be a speech to the nation, but then turns out to be nothing more than the week's announcements to the school children. was lots of fun, but we had to be brutal with our editing; cutting down almost an hour of footage to meet the required half a minute. could do with a re-edit as it ends a bit abruptly.

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