Thursday, 14 April 2011

Self Inish1 continued...

in relation to my ongoing research for self initiative 1 titled 'phantoms of the brain'…a recent breakthrough in treatment caught my attention during the news this morning. like the mirrored box used to treat phantom pain sufferers; it further suggests that pain is of virtual existence, or atleast visual feedback to the brain can override sensations of pain. the development came purely by chance as a lady suffering from arthritis happened to have a go on this straightforward optical illusion 'game' invented for school children by nottingham uni graduates. watch the full report here.

more from the project itself; i managed to find a prosthetic centre which amazingly is only 5 minutes down the road from here! freakishly lifelike - the artificial limbs border the real and have too been found to reduce pain for amputees. …(below) i tried to make the most out of the consultation room i was given to photograph them in.

also contacted just about every lost property office in the uk - asking them if any 'limbs' were handed in but i only managed to find an arm in the tfl headquarters…still, strange how someone can forget an arm.

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